August 2015 Minutes

NT Citizens on Patrol
Board Meeting Minutes: August 13, 2015
7:00 pm Redeemer Lutheran Church 265 Falconer St
Board Members:
Present: Steve Ash, Leslie Bowen, Mike Fisher, Judy Mittiga
Absent: N/A
Quorum present? Yes
Others Present:
General Public

•Executive Session:
- N/A

•Public Session:
- Public session called to order by President Steve Ash
- Opening prayer by Pastor Dave
- Approval of the minutes of July 9, 2015
Moved by Mike Fisher, seconded by Leslie Bowen.
That the minutes of the regular session held July 9, 2015 be approved as written.
- Approval of the treasurer’s report, $489.61.
Moved by Mike Fisher, seconded by Donna Braun.
That the treasurer report of the regular session held July 9, 2015 be approved as stated.
- Motion to approve C.O.P.S joining The Chamber of Commerce or the Tonawanda: $105.00 to join (Sept 1, 2015 – August 31, 2016)
Moved by Judith Mittiga, seconded by Mike Fisher.
- Motion to renew domain name of web-site at a cost of $12.95.
Moved by Pastor Dave, seconded by Donna Braun.
- Discuss C.O.P.S. mission statement being re-worded.
Moved to amend Leslie Bowen, seconded by Candy Cuedek.
-C.O.P.S. September 10, 2015 meeting location still being worked on. Donna will talk to Russ Rizzo about location.
- Ceremony for the Heritage Park lighting will be August 18, 2015 at 5:30. No mural painting at this time.
- Oliver St clean-up will take place September 12, 2015 and will clean up Oliver St from Schenk St to Wheatfield St. Meet at 308 Oliver St.
- Chant is working on a survey on underage drinking in North Tonawanda.
- Split Club raised $20.00 (Donna Braun donated her winnings of $10.00 back to C.O.P.S, thank you).
- We received a donation of $20.00 by Pastor Dave, thank you.
- Funding for progressive bike skills course is being looked at for North Tonawanda, the basic course is $15,000.00. Patti Brochius is looking for a site.
- Officer Cake was in attendance. A safety car seat check is planned for Strad Rescue Fire Hall.

• Other business:
- Still looking for ways to publicize meetings.
- Free community board on TV

• Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm.
• Minutes submitted by Secretary, Judith Mittiga.