May 2015 Minutes

NT Citizens on Patrol
Board Meeting Minutes: May 14, 2015
7:00 pm Redeemer Lutheran Church 265 Falconer St
Board Members:
Present: Steve Ash, Leslie Bowen, Mike Fisher, Judy Mittiga
Absent: N/A
Quorum present? Yes
Others Present:
General Public
· Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chair, Steve Ash
· April 2015 Meeting minutes were approved

· Finance Committee report provided by Chair, Leslie:
- Leslie reported there is $379.86 in the treasury was seconded and passed.

·Executive Session:
- N/A

·Public Session:
- Patricia Brosius from the NT Parks Department discussed what the department offers for the community such as educational classes and park options ie: ice skating rinks.
- Mike Fisher was nominated by David Conti for Sargent at Arms, Mike accepted.
- Heritage Park cleanup is scheduled for May 9, 2015, park cleanup went well. Thank everyone who came out to help.
- The meetings will take place in Ward 1 in September, Ward 2 in October and Ward 3 in November to try to get North Tonawanda more involved. Ward Aldermen and Alderwomen will be ask to make an opening statement.
- Will ask for suggestions from the community, what are their needs and concerns?
- We want communication from the community to find ways to help.
- We want to get the city cleaned up with pollution and drug use to curb crime issues supported by our mission.
- Theft on Oliver St, keep calling police for problems, they are here to help.
- Look for ways to support police and firemen.

· Other business:
- Continue to call in broken lights.
- Still looking for ways to publicize meetings.
- Free community board on TV

· Meeting adjourned at 8:45 pm.
· Minutes submitted by Secretary, Judith Mittiga.